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Tips for Riding in Sedona

The trails around Sedona have been built by long ago native residence, wildlife and more recent outdoor enthusiasts.  The trails include miles of scenic terrain including cool oak tree canyons with running water, juniper and pinon pine forests, "slick rock" (sandstone that can be very slick, wet or dry), and rough, rocky, hot, barren desert with scrub brush and cactus.

The trails themselves range from well groomed single track or jeep road to some very rough, technical rock shelves.  Ride each trail with the expectation that around the corner, the trail may end in a cliff or steep drop off, or may have a hiker or biker on it. 

Temperatures in the summer can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  In winter, snow is not an uncommon sight, but doesn't last long on the ground.  The best time to ride or hike is from September to November and April to early June.  Depending upon the weather, December and January are also ideal times to visit.

There are no services near most of the trails, and no drinkable water with the exception of Red Rock State Park.  Inside the park center there are services including bathrooms.

Horseback riders use some of the trails.  Please yield the right-of-way to horses.  They spook easily, and can injure you or their rider.

Some trails border on sink holes.  Stay well away from edges and honor all signs or warnings.

It is recommended that you always ride with someone.  Bring plenty of water, tools and tube for tire changes, a compass and a reliable map.

Beware of desert creatures, especially scorpions and brown recluse spiders (not very common unless you are camping and out on the desert at night).

Rain Storms are dangerous, even if there is no rain where you are.  Storms that take place on the rim above Sedona can send a flash flood down through some canyons washing away everything in it's path.  Look and be aware of weather conditions. 

Use sun screen to protect your skin.  Wear proper clothing for protection and comfort.

Bicyclists please honor wilderness boundaries.  Bicycle riding is not allowed in any designated wilderness unless specifically indicated.

Please stay on all marked trails.  The wildlife surrounding the trails is very fragile, and damage takes years to heal.

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