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Epic Sedona - The Trails

Scenic Pathway Trail (6.5 miles)  An easy, smooth, wide, developed trail for every hiker and biker.  Located near Bell Rock (one of the most photographed areas in Sedona), the easy access and dedicated parking make this a popular trail.  Use this trail to connect with other more challenging trails.

Lost Watch Trail (1.6 miles)  A small connector trail between the Cockscomb and  Deadman's Pass Trail

Secret Trails (2.3 miles)  A connector trail that has been refurbished complete with wire/rock cairns)

Red Rock State Park (10.5 miles)  A long loop that features Red Rock State Park, Oak Creek Crossing and the Red Rock Pathway.

The Cockscomb (12.7 miles)  A trail that contains all that Sedona has to offer, with some of the best single track too.  When combined with the Deadman's Pass Trail, this excursion becomes truly epic.

House Mountain (21 miles)  The longest and most difficult of trails, plan at least half a day to ride some of the most difficult trails around.

Deadman's Pass Trail (6.5 miles)  A fun loop that combines some of the best single track and hiking trails in the area with great views.

Broken Arrow/Little Horse Trail (2.7 miles)  A challenging loop with difficult single track and some of the best views anywhere.

Hot Loop (8.1 miles)  Once a mean trail full of baby heads (baby head size loose rocks), this trail has been cleaned up and offers some of the best single track in South Sedona or the Village of Oak Creek.

Huckaby /Jim Thompson Trail (8.2 miles)  The newly completed Huckaby Trail crosses Oak Creek Canyon at the scenic Midgley Bridge.  From there it connects with the Jim Thompson Trail.  This loop contains some incredible single track/hiking trails with the northern views to the south.  A must for all avid bikers and hikers.

Cathedral Rock Trail (11 miles)  A sweet single track/hiking trail that loops completely around Cathedral Rock.  Hikers can enjoy a steep climb to the base of Cathedral Rock, and bikers can zoom on some great single track.

Thunder Mountain Trail (2.6 miles)  A great little connector trail that offers mostly single track with several hiking trails splitting off to the base of Coffee Pot.

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